McSmitten is a small cattery with British Shorthairs and Longhairs.

All our cats live inside our home and are beloved pets.  Our Cattery is TICA registered and our breeding stock are from International, European and USA Champion bloodlines.  All kittens will be vaccinated, chipped and altered prior to leaving home and will come with Veterinary records.

This cattery takes great care to breed for health, confirmation to breed standard and social disposition.  Kittens will not be sold for breeding or for ‘barn stock’.  Please inquire for more information.

Available Kittens

New arrivals! Mini (Moonstruck) delivered her babies on March 25. Such a beautiful, colorful litter!

All Skye and Peter kittens have been adopted and are living the dream in their new homes!  Moonstruck and Paddington are expecting any day! 

Research has shown that keeping kittens to be with their mothers for a minimum of 12 weeks allows them to develop important social skills.  In addition, the kittens will be spayed or neutered, microchipped,  litter box trained and know their names!  As an added bonus, the kittens are raised with a house dog who carefully supervises their upbringing. 

Introducing the English Garden litter!  

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea adopted by Jenn and Eric
Primrose~ Adopted by Tai.
Miss Daisy~ Adopted by Tai.
Larkspur ~ adopted by Alex and Tyler.
Violet ~ will stay at McSmitten
Paddington du Petit Prince of McSmitten

Our Cats

Bribear Peter the Great

Peter the Great is an accomplished stud from Excalibur Cattery and had already earned the title of Quadruple Grand Champion in TICA! Peter is a sweet-natured boy who loves attention and rewards with purrs and affection. He is sire to the English Garden litter and McSmitten looks forward to many more beautiful kittens from Peter.

Paddington du Petit Prince

Paddington is a true Prince and loves to perform on the show bench! Paddy is affectionate and disarming with his silly antics. McSmitten looks forward to future litters from this boy with a fabulous pedigree from European lines du Petit Prince and Crystal Flame. Paddy is currently ranked as the number one British Shorthair kitten in the Pacific Northwest and 10th worldwide. He will continue into the adult show ring.

Moonstruck Brylantowa Elita of McSmitten

Moonstruck (Mini) is an absolutely stunning Lilac female with a sweet and quirky personality.  She accomplished the title of Grand Champion in one show and we look forward to continuing her show career. Mini is athletic, talkative and loves to hide trinkets in my bed.  She is Mom to the Birthday litter from the summer of 2019! This beauty is also from Europe, having made her home in Poland prior to arriving in the Pacific Northwest. 

Gerda Grace Viola D’Amore of McSmitten

“Gigi” is a Black Smoke British Shorthair with movie star beauty!  Gigi has been a mom once to the 2019 Rare Scotch litter. Gigi is Guerlain’s beautiful sister who is a Black Smoke with deep copper eyes.   Gigi is the Audrey Hepburn of cats and her roots are in Belarus.

Wabisabis Uppsa La of McSmitten “Lally”

Lally is a British Longhair and is a sweet pom-pom floating around the house! Lally earned Grand Champion status at her first show and we look forward to her first litter in 2020. As you can see, Lally is adorable and gets along well with all the other cats here at McSmitten.

Amelia La Noory of McSmitten

Amelia is a Russian Princess from St. Petersburg. Amelia is a luscious Chocolate long-haired beauty and a wonderful, attentive mother.