Our Cats

Doremurr Emma of McSmitten

Emma came to us from St. Petersburg, Russia. She loves people and other animals.  Emma is a wonderful, gentle mama to her kittens. She is truly a joy to have in the Cattery  and  is always a happy girl.

McSmitten Laphroiag Lyrie
Scottish Straight Kitten

Our sweet, adorable Lyrie is our youngest cat. She was born here and our little “fancy pants” will be a permanent resident. Lyrie has a promising start to her show career and has an easy going personality. She loves our family pup, Maya, the crazy Bugg!

Our British Shorthair sire, Guerlain, is a gentle giant. He is a stunning, young Chocolate Smoke Brit bred in Eastern Europe and now making his home in the Pacific Northwest.  Guerlain became a Champion at his first show.  We look forward to many more shows together, as his own sire recently became a World Champion.

Guerlain Viola D’Amore of McSmitten

Gigi is Guerlain’s beautiful sister who is a Black Smoke with deep copper eyes.    When I least expect it, she jumps up right onto my lap and purrs non-stop.  Gigi is the Audrey Hepburn of cats!

Gerda Grace Viola D’Amore of McSmitten