Our Cats

Moonstruck (Mini) is an absolutely stunning Lilac female with a sweet and quirky personality.  She accomplished the title of Grand Champion in one show and we look forward to continuing her show career. Mini is athletic, talkative and loves to hide trinkets in my bed.  She is Mom to the Birthday litter from the summer of 2019!

“Gigi” is a Black Smoke British Shorthair with movie star beauty!  Gigi has been a mom once to the 2019 Rare Scotch litter.

Our British Shorthair sire, Guerlain, is a gentle giant. He is a stunning, young Chocolate Smoke Brit bred in Eastern Europe and now making his home in the Pacific Northwest.  Guerlain became a Champion at his first show.  We look forward to many more shows together, as his own sire recently became a World Champion.

Guerlain Viola D’Amore of McSmitten

Gigi is Guerlain’s beautiful sister who is a Black Smoke with deep copper eyes.    When I least expect it, she jumps up right onto my lap and purrs non-stop.  Gigi is the Audrey Hepburn of cats!

Gerda Grace Viola D’Amore of McSmitten

Wabisabis Uppsa La of McSmitten “Lally”

Lally is a British Longhair and is a sweet pom-pom floating around the house! Lally earned Grand Champion status at her first show and we look forward to her first litter in 2020.